Cinosanda Sandele is from Angloa and based in the Netherlands with her beautiful family. An economics graduate, she spends

Speaking about her love of fashion and on her belief that there are no ugly clothes, just different ways to wear them, Cinosanda says:

I was born in a society where people worked for free and in return received what they needed, which means that they didn’t have much of a choice about the clothes they received and wore, but even so, people in that small society had a very keen sense of style. Most people were very stylish and had an enormous creativity to turn the clothes they received into a style of their own.

Especially my father. He had a way of singularizing himself extraordinary. My dad had an ability to style a uniform which was super creative and in many ways unique. The uniform seemed on him simply exclusive. Although at that time I was only a little girl (a child), but that is where my sense of style comes from. Over the years I came to realize that the style has little to do with trends, but with how we combine all that pieces of clothing together and adapt it to our personality, whether is trendy or not.

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Cinosanda, a mother of 3, has passed down that love to her daughter Judith who often joins her for style shoots throughout the city. Matching her Mum’s gorgeous style, Judith wears child friendly clothes that are fashionable and the duo give us Mummy/daughter goals every,time.


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