Maldives is famous for its pristine and unforgettable resorts. Here is the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, the world’s first underwater hotel residence which just opened in Maldives.

Just last year, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort topped charts of hotels to visit in 2018 because of its completely submerged five-star restaurant, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, which can be turned into a private overnight suite at an extra cost. The restaurant, with its idyllic scenery, was deemed to make customers forget about food.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (The Suite Life By Chinmoylad)

Now, the same resort has launched The Muraka — a unique three bedroom, two-level residence that sits above and 16-feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. The Muraka at Conrad is the world’s first ever underwater hotel residence.


CGI of the world’s first underwater hotel residence, Muraka (CNN Travel)

The Muraka was built on land in Singapore and brought to the Maldives via ship. The residence was then lowered into the water and nailed into place with concrete pylons, that ensure the residence doesn’t shift during tides and rough waves.


Conrad Maldives resort (Beam Land)

If you happen to score a night at the Muraka, you have access to a private gym, a bar, an infinity pool, butler’s quarters, an ocean-facing bathtub, unparalleled view of the ocean from the comfort of your bed, along with the typical components of a hotel room. The Muraka is also connected to the rest of the resort which include the underwater restaurant, and the relaxation deck on the top floor which is above water.


The world’s first underwater hotel residence opens in Maldives (CNN Travel)

Well, all this will cost you a cool $50,000 per night! Which sounds pretty, pretty exclusive, especially when you’re getting a personal chef and private boat, as well as automatic Hilton Diamond status.

If you’re interested in following the theme, you could also explore the world’s first underwater art installation in Maldives.

Would you like a night at the hotel residence though?


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