At the request of his wife, Dr. Sergi Santos, the creator of Samantha the sex doll has announced that his new upgraded sex doll can turn down sex if she’s not in the mood or if she feels disrespected.

The upgrade meant the doll can now enter what is called ‘dummy mode’, which means it can now shut down if it feels like it’s being treated inappropriately, reports Independent UK. The idea behind the upgrade is to introduce a level of consent to the sex doll, guarding against possible abuses. But as Syfy noted, there is still no way to stop the most determined of human partners.

“This new ‘dummy’ mode might offer an opportunity for male users to learn a thing or two about consent and respecting one’s partners, but there remains one glaring difference between Samantha and real-life women: while she possesses the ability to shut down when she’s feeling disrespected, she does not possess the ability to fight back and there are no repercussions for partners who ignore her protests,” the report noted.

The mode was demonstrated at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, and it is activated if sensors under skin detect a partner is aggressive or if Samantha is bored by its partner’s advances.  She even has the ability to say “No” if she wants to.

Samantha was left “heavily soiled” after being presented at a tech fair last year, after people reportedly acted “like barbarians” towards her.

Publications including the New Statesman explored the movements to ban sex dolls, which some believe will allow their owners to act out dangerous fantasies. Others point to the sex doll Roxxxy TrueCompanion, which has a feature similar to Samantha’s “dummy mode” called “Frigid Farrah,” in which she freezes up in the face of aggressive advances. Critics say this mode is meant to allow men to act out rape fantasies.

There have already been movements to ban sex doll made to resemble children, even though some painted this as an outlet to prevent people from actually abusing children. The dolls would have the opposite effect, encouraging this behavior, critics say.

Samantha does not yet have a release date. But she is expected to go into mass production with the price tag of £3,600 ($4,700). The robot has motorised hands, hips and face, and can whisper endearments if properly seduced. She also has ‘family’, ‘romantic’ and ‘sex’ modes, as well as an ‘extra naughty’ level.


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