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Kari kicks out Akin Savage in episode 7 of ‘Man of her dreams’

In the new episode released on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Kari walks Akin Savage out of her flat.

Akin visited Kari again after he was led to believe that she was unwell. Kari wasn’t willing to lie again and she told him she doesn’t want to have anything with him. 

Akin got angry after realizing he had been led on for a few days and he went all out for Kari, who in turn sent him out of her flat.

Kari, Ladi and Dame in a scene from episode 7 of web series, ‘Man of her dreams.’ [YouTube/Bukafedgeeks]

While Kari and Akin were arguing outside her flat, Noah came to rescue Kari but got Akin tongue lashing him and Kari.

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Dame checks up on Kari to be sure she’s fine after Akin informed her that her daughter was ill. She wasn’t surprised to see that Kari was fine and the two began their drama.

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‘Man of her dreams’ features Folu Storms, Sonia Irabo and Rekiya Atta.

The web series is a production of Aghahowa’s new YouTube platform, Bukafedgeeks.

‘Man of her dreams’ premiered on Monday, February 25, 2019, and already has six episodes.

The web series is planned to run till March 8, 2019.

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