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I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian, we are one – Falz

Nigerian rapper Falz has come under fire on twitter after posting a video with the caption – I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian. We are One.

Although the video seems to be a massage to promote One Nigeria, his followers on the platform didn’t seem to like the fact that he is denying his own tribe and they didn’t waste time to slam him.

I am not Yoruba, I am Nigerian, we are one – Falz

Twitter user @EbubeIsaac re-posted the video with Falz caption and wrote:

“You’re a Nigerian because you belong to the Yoruba, a tribe indigenous to Nigeria before Independence. If Nigeria ceased to exist, you’d still be Yoruba.

You’re not Nigerian before your tribe, you’re Nigerian because of your tribe. You people need to stop this rubbish.”

Another person wrote that celebrities become One Nigeria when it is time to share the common wealth:

They are one Nigeria when they want to share our common wealth…but when the sharing goes wrong they will tell us one region can’t be ruling… One Nigeria is a sentence


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