For decades, fashion has held women by hostage but putting them in boxes and telling certain women they cannot wear certain styles. Whilst, there may be a science to some of these style rules, for the most part, they only succeed in making women hesitant about exploring their style.

The masses have been guided by trend culture which can be great but can also be problematic for people with different body types who feel excluded from the narrative. Whilst you can keep up with what’s going on in fashion, it’s important that you don’t let it ‘rule’ you. Understand your body and your style needs before anything else and develop a sense of style that is true to you.

Loving your curves can be difficult at times but it’s important to remember that dressing to suit your shape and accentuating your gorgeous assets will not only make sure you look stylish but help you feel happier and more confident.

These style tips, courtesy of curvy beauty Winnie Leon, are aimed at helping you step out proudly in gorgeous outfits that accentuate your favourite features and shake off the style shackles that previously held you back. When it comes to plus size fashion for all occasions, we’re throwing all the rules that you were told to abide by out the window and making sure that you feel confident in your skin and get the opportunity to play with your personal style.

1. Modest doesn’t have to be frumpy

Curvy girls have been sold a lie that in order not to look too matronly, they have to show a bit of skin. Whilst you may want to flash some flesh, don’t feel pressured into doing so because of your size.

Here, Winnie is spotted wearing a navy blue printed kaftan from Ethnyk. Her sensational figure is completely covered by the floor length kaftan and she manages to look effortlessly stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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As long as the material follows the lines of your body and does not billow around making you look larger than you are, get your maxi dress on!

2. Don’t hide your curves

Often, bigger women tend to wear over-sized clothes which are aimed at camouflaging their bodies but dressing that way can actually make you look bigger than you are. Killing style game at any size is all about confidence and learning to embrace your body the way it is. Play up your favourite parts but don’t hide from the rest of the world. You will find that by embracing your curves, you will find that clothes are actually more flattering and being more adventurous with your silhouettes will elevate your wardrobe.

 Though it may seem comforting, hiding your figure in yards of fabric will only have the opposite effect. Not everyone can make the ‘bulky’ look work, especially when you’re larger. Instead, show off your shape in clothes that don’t cling to you but follow the lines of your curves, accentuated your natural shape whilst still being flattering.

With the advent in fabric technology, companies are creating clothes that are thick enough to hold everything in and give enough stretch without being uncomfortable, too tight, or riding up to give you a smooth and sleek finished look.

If you do want to wear volume, choose a silhouette that has volume at the top or the bottom but never both. Don’t be afraid to show off those assets.

3. Don’t run away from bright colours

Winnie is spotted looking breathtaking in a fuschia jumpsuit and it’s a colour that many will shy away from but we’re here to tell you that colour is NOT the enemy.

There should be no set rules when it comes to colour just as long as you make sure it complements your skin tone. Even bright pink can be slimming when the cut is right and the fit flatters your shape.

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If you’re nervous about trying out colour in bold, test the waters with bright accessories like shoes, jewelry or bags, before graduating to bigger pieces.

4. Stripes are your friend

For years, we have heard that curvy girls can’t wear stripes but that does not have to be the case. Of course, there are some major no-no’s when it comes to rocking stripes but with some clever styling, you can definitely make stripes work for you.

In the same way horizontal stripes are an optical illusion, so are vertical but vertical stripes create the illusion of a slimmer figure. They draw the eyes down the body making you look slimmer and taller.

Make sure you choose striped trouser to lengthen your legs and choose a striped dress to slim down your torso. A skirt with vertical stripes can do wonders for slimming down the hips and thighs.

Just like Winnie and this colurful striped jumpsuit, choose vertical striped pieces that allow the stripes to sit perfectly vertical for a stunning final look.

5. Have a print party

Contrary to popular belief, wearing print well is all about balancing out your proportions because prints have the power to visually trick the naked eye. Instead of the eye falling on the bits you don’t want highlighted, it just keeps travelling. Amazing right?

Prints are an extremely clever styling trick and create the illusion of a cohesive and put together look, regardless of lumps and bumps.

If you are feeling larger than life and have a bold enough personality to pull it off the embrace bright and bold prints that are guaranteed to have all eyes on you. However, if you want to ease into the look, start off with softer prints and get louder as you become more confident.


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