Former minister of works, Tony Anenih is dead.

According to Premium Times, he died at the age of 85 on Sunday, October 28, 2018, at an Abuja hospital where he was receiving treatment.

The report also said that his son confirmed the report adding that a statement will be released soon.

Anenih also served as the Board of Trustees (BOT) chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The former minister was referred to in some quarters as Mr. fix it.

Survived major heart surgery

In 2016, the former minister survived an eight hour heart surgery which was carried out in the UK.

Referring to it in his autobiography titled: My Life and Nigerian Politics , Anenih said “There is nothing God cannot do if you believe in him sincerely. I had a problem with my heart. So I was subjected to eight hours of surgery and seven doctors were carefully selected to do that because of their experience. Before the operation, the seven doctors told the people that accompanied me (to the hospital) that I wouldn’t make it. I heard them.”

Poor state on Nigeria

In July 2018, the former PDP BOT chair cancelled his birthday celebration reportedly over what he described as the sad state of Nigeria.

According to Premium Times, he said “There is no doubt that attaining a milestone of 85 years on earth is a privilege enjoyed by a few; and, it is, therefore, an occasion worth celebrating with loved ones and friends,” Mr Anenih said.

“On reflections, however, whilst I remain grateful to God for His unfailing love and sustenance that have kept me all through the years, I am, sadly, unable to fulfill this earnest desire to celebrate the milestone because of the unfortunate recent losses that befell my family in quick succession, the condition of my health and the sad state of the nation that has witnessed so much losses, bloodshed and apprehension.

“Nonetheless, I sincerely appreciate the effort being made by government and some influential Nigerians to restore peace.

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“I believe that with prayers and faith in God, there is hope for restoration of peace and good neighbourliness in Nigeria soon and in the years ahead.”

In 2016, the Edo state chapter of the PDP dispelled rumours that he had died.

On Sunday, April 16, 2017 Anenih’s wife, Patricia Anenih died, and on May14 of the same year, he lost his son Eugene Anenih.


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