Do you guys know why the three NNPC refineries will never work before 2019?

Do you know why Late President Yar Adua revised the sale of those refineries by Obasanjo?

Do you know why Deziani and Jonathan refused to sell off the refineries?

Do you know why the current agents of “Chanji”, have refused to totally open up the downstream oil and gas sector?

Do you know why Buhari and his kitchen cabinet will never allow for the sale of those refineries before 2019?

Do you know why they have continued to fiddle and play regulatory ponzi games with our FOREX market?


NB: The main grouse I have against Obasanjo was his inability to subdue his ego and much vaunted vindictiveness. The second grouse I have against him was his inability to give us a worthy successor. His was the only resemblance to what government should be like in Nigeria over the last 50 years.


  1. And truly this downward spiral of our governance was a product of his administration. Who and how he found his successor could have been done much better, at least enable us have a robust and competitive campaign which could have ushered in a whole new lease of life politically but he didnt.. He was a greedy man for how else would I explain his third term agenda? A man who was brought out from jail and foisted on us, yet at that age and experience, he represented Oliver Twist.

  2. Hyginus Okolie, Ody Uche mentioned oliver twist. If you have read that novel, you will recall Mr Grimwig who always said " I will eat my head, sir". That is Ibe Kachikwu.
    What makes kachikwu think that he will be in office till 2019? What makes him think he will stay in office beyond 2019?
    Kachikwu's words are the kind of words you tell a woman when you are just about to "enter" but she still dey do shakara.
    So, if those refineries work( when dangote is about to come on board) then I will eat my head sir!

  3. Hehehehe my Mom taught me English Language very well………what Kachukwu actually said was 'if we import fuel by 2019'. By that time am sure Dangote refinery would be operational. Our national refineries may never work again.

  4. That seals it. We are now officially the federal republic of dangote. If we can outsource such a strategic sector of our national life to one man, ONE INDIVIDUAL MAN!
    Anyway, I hope the directive given by osibanjo when he was acting President, that soldiers should stop destroying the illegal refineries but rather licence then as small scale modular refineries, still stands. Otherwise, Nigeria is kaput.

  5. Well I don't think if anyone is convinced, has the wherewithal in all strata and seeks approval to build, he will not be approved. But the question is how many of the nouveau rich have Dangotes understanding nd liquidity to part with???

    And mind you, it doesn't have to be as big as his..

  6. It does not have to be a one man affair. Obasanjo gave out 33 licences to build refineries but most of the bidders are weary if the Nigerian environment. Conglomerates like shell, chevron and even other investors can build their refineries and market the product. Since these big players are not forthcoming, let the government liberalize the sector. If you can refine one drum of crude in a SAFE and LEGAL manner, come and register your company and then buy crude and refine. That will create a cascade of jobs and activities in the petroleum sector. Dangote may still be the biggest player but you will have a lot of smaller players fighting for their own market share.

  7. Yes.. unless u are saying the procedure and permit template of Dpr is not working. If you go there, u will see areas for prospective modular refinery services, that covers this pod you mentioned and it is not being utilized because our people cut corners a lot.. I sell bunker vessels and have sold atleast 3 to Nigerians who trade in products. The source of products usually come from berthed vlcc or 'inside' product.. inside product refers to those diesel being processed or produced in the niger delta area by quasi refineries. These are not legal and regulated. We have a hand ful in those areas. They need to streamline the operations and work within the confines of the law. It is the lack of thereof that is responsible for substandard products that has been damaging machineries and equipment using the inside product…

  8. Uche, I'm not a player in the oil industry so my knowledge therein is very limited. Thank you for the information.
    I'm aware that some of the explosive kerosene and faulty diesel in circulation cones from those illegal refineries. That was why I emphasized " safe and legal". If we throw open that sector we can achieve the feat that we did with the pure water industry and nollywood. In these sectors initially, we had a lot of poor quality products but as more people pick interest, competition separated the boys from the men. Let the investors form conglomerates and mergers to dominate the market instead if clearing grounds for one man to dictate who sucks on the national teat.

  9. Ody Uche and Obinna Onuoha my brothers , there are things I can't say in public . We have been used and raped big time. They created ingenious ways to use dollars taken from the CBN for cheap to fund other projects elsewhere outside Nigeria .

    2018 is not far away, I eagerly await the commissioning of the Dangote refinery. I also eagerly await the zero import of refined petroleum products as promised by Kachukwu Ibe before 2019 . Let's keep our fingers cross

  10. The level of deceit has no comparison.I wonder who Ibe kachikwu thinks are his ordiance,kindegarten pupils?Maybe.Nigeria has unfortunately slided to a banana republic and animal farm and its very unfortunate.Every of the past governments had unwholesome interest in the refineries and hid behind it to raise funds for re election and things like that,whuch is graft but i have a hunch that this govt will crash this economy equiped with their propaganda mechinery,at their beck and call to decimate their lies to whom it may concern unless something drastic is done and very fast too.

  11. Abeg is Nigeria an autocracy or monarchy that you would wish for Obasanjo to have given us a successor? We should wish that Nigeria would be at level of delivering credible elections and not hoping on a "worthy" successor from one party.

    Anyway, the issue with the refineries is so so sad


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