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Antar Laniyan’s ultimate desire is to build a film academy

Antar Laniyan has expressed his ultimate desire to build a film academy where he can grow young talents.

In a chat with Punch, the actor noted that his desire is yet to come to fruition because of his inability to raise funds for the project.

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If any rich man approaches me now, I will tell him I want an academy where I can raise new talents. This is what I know how to do best, but when you don’t have money, your ideas will go to bed. The problem with our industry is that people believe an actor is as rich as the role he plays. That is a fake assumption; we are not rich.

“But if we have people who can help us, we can do better. The easterners help each other. Once they see that an individual has talent, the rich ones among them are always willing to support him or her. Though we have some selfless southerners too, I have yet to get any help from them,” he said.

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The filmmaker and actor expressed hope for a better Nollywood saying, “I know things will get better for actors. I know there is a better tomorrow for Nollywood; I see us attaining greater heights.”

With a reputation for being highly professional when filming a movie, the filmmaker made no secret concerning his lack of interest in patronizing flirty actresses looking to quick career growth.

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