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A quick guide to surviving #AkeFest18 – Food Travel Arts Culture

#AkeFest18 has already begun, yes, but is not too late to get a quick lesson on surviving Aké Arts and Book Festival this year.

There are so many things to expect from the art and book festival for this year, under the theme “Fantastical Futures” — the guests, bookchats, film, theatre, poetry, dance, discussions, art exhibitions and food. It is a time to express yourself in every way, without judgement, and interact with like-minded people.

However, going in, there are few things to bear in mind.

1. Have a list of books to buy

We all know that a primary reason for attending Ake is to buy books. This year, the team has turned it up a notch with the launch of the Ouidah Bookstore and well… you can easily get lost in the sea of books. Then, there are the many authors and bookchats that will have you falling in love with the books. We won’t advise avoiding book chats… but be guided. If you have a list of books going in, then you can have a budget and maybe even have enough extra cash to buy other books along the way. You don’t want to come out of Ake with no money, do you?

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2. Use the festival guide

The Ake team is very time-conscious. Any snooze fest and you might miss the next event. Many events are even going on at the same time so, organise your itinerary and decide the events you want to attend and confirm where they are holding.

3. Go with an open mind

Ake is the time of the year when creatives converge and so many topics are breached. There will be many with very different opinions as you, who will be carrying them just as fiercely as you are. So, be open-minded, listen and discuss.

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4. Don’t be scared to interact

Your favourite authors, actors, journalists, filmmakers might be present, so don’t be shy. This is the time when guards are down and everyone is willing to interact with one another.

5. Don’t miss out on all the freebies

“Naija no dey carry last”, but you can switch your country in there if you aren’t Nigerian. There are giveaways, prizes and free stuff going around, so don’t be shy to try your luck at getting any. This year, Nikon is giving away a free camera to the person who can tell the best story in four pictures. Don’t miss out.

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