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A guide to partying hard and surviving this weekend – Food Travel Arts Culture


Weekends are there for us to kick back and let loose but one should be guided on how to party hard and not feel like death by Monday.

If you can’t wait to party this weekend, whether at the club or at owambe, enjoy this lifestyle guide from us!

1. What’s your day of choice?


A guide to partying hard and surviving this weekend (Nairaland)


Friday and Saturday nights are when clubs are most frequented and for this, check out 5 of the hottest nightclubs in Lagos.

However, knowing the day that works for you is key. If you get your “WILD” out of your system early enough, the more time you have to rest and prepare for the week in front of you. The earlier, the better.

2. Go out with friends who have your back


A guide to partying hard and surviving this weekend (Nightlife ng)

If you are someone who has issues with control, the sort of people you go out with, help you stay within the reins of it all, even when you’re completely drunk. So, why not go out with people you can trust who have your best interests at heart?

3. Eat and stay hydrated

Have a good meal and drink lots of water and electrolyte-filled drinks. If you have a hangover, the chances are that you might feel dehydrated and dizzy. Lots of carbs, sugar and salt can help this.

4. Have lots of rest

Sleep and rest are underrated when it comes to recuperating after a stressful week. If your time out partying crossed into overkill and you have a hangover, sleeping it out is a good way to get through it. By the end of the weekend, you’ll be grateful for all the rest.

5. Meditate and prepare for your week

The best way to not be overwhelmed by the new week is giving even the faintest thought to how you want the week to go. You could iron your clothes, get your documents/bag ready and have a mental plan of what your itinerary is. 


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